Monday, November 14, 2011

Knowlege - Basic Homemaking Skills Relay Race

This week we are working on the value knowledge. I can still remember as a young woman myself learning how to tie a tie, and iron a shirt. Every time I tie a tie for one of my boys I thank the Young Womens leader who taught me that skill. I've also been thinking about how unprepared I was as a homemaker. So, for our class activity I thought it would be really fun to teach the girls basic homemaking skills and then have them do a relay race to complete those skills.   I'm planning on teaching them how to Iron a shirt, Tie a tie, make an egg, replace a button, and get a grease spot out of an article of clothing using dish soap. I work with the Beehives so basically they are just happy to be together, but I think this will make for a good activity. I'm using this Quote to help me along.

Susan W. Tanner, General YW President said in March of 2004, “I believe that one way we can arm our girls spiritually is to help them develop temporal skills or talents. We know that to the Lord all things are spiritual.”
“When we lose the homemakers in a society, we create an emotional homelessness: She quotes Bryce Christensen from The Family in America: “...The number of homeless people on the street does not begin to reveal the scope of homelessness in America. For since when did the word home signify merely physical shelter, or homelessness merely the lack of such shelter? Home [signifies] not only shelter, but also emotional commitment, security, and belonging. Home has connoted not just a necessary roof and a warm radiator, but a place sanctified by the abiding ties of wedlock, parenthood, and family obligation; a place demanding sacrifice and devotion, but promising loving care and warm acceptance.”
“So we must teach homemaking skills, including practical ones such as cooking, sewing, budgeting, and beautifying. We must let young women know that homemaking skills are honorable and can help them spiritually as well as temporally."

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Maiziedaisy said...

We just finished this activity. It ended up being really fun! The relay race was great, the girls really got into it! Also, my very talented and with it adviser realized that if we read Matthew 25:14-30 We could sign off Knowledge Value Experience 2. All the girls had to do was go home, explain what we did to their parents, and have them sign it off! I did end up making a handout with step by step instructions for each of the skills they learned just so they could have it for reference.