Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A "Firsts" Bridal Shower

I got this cute invitation in the mail for one of my friends. It was for a "Firsts" bridal shower. The invite read:

Elizabeth and Miles are getting married and their lives will start anew, so we're having a bridal shower for the "First" things they'll go through! Their brand new life together will be so much more than dating, there will be so many "First" things, When they're through celebrating! There are things they will be needing, As a new husband and wife, to help them to adjust to these "First" things in their life. So think and be creative with a gift that will be fine. To help this sweet new bride and groom with the "First" you are assigned! Please bring a gift for Elizabeth and Miles "First" Halloween.

Well actually I got Christmas, but I wasn't feeling very JOLLY. The invite said "or other holiday" so I went with Halloween!

This was such a fun idea! My ideas were a bit spread out, but I tried unify them a bit. The very first thing I wanted to do was my favorite way of decorating for Halloween.

It's so super easy! Around the beginning of October I usually just add googly eyes to the tops of the glass of the photos I usually keep out. It's a fun and easy way of decorating for Halloween. When it's through, I just pop the googly eyes off. For this particular gift, I think I actually put the glass under the photo and glued them straight onto the picture in case she wanted to use the frame for something else. I snagged the photo off of her Facebook page.Thank you Facebook!

I also made her some SPOOKY Halloween bunting to use as decoration.

I used my Stizzix to cut out the letters for "SPOOKY" and used an iron on interfacing to attach them. For a quick tutorial click HERE.

One of my other favorite Halloween decorations is a covered book. These are meant to be spell books. Covering the books was a simple task and took little to no time. I found these almost untouched Nancy Drew books at the DI for .99 cents. One was about a ghost and the other a witch, so it seemed appropriate :-). The paper I used was flocked scrapbooking paper. I printed and cut out the titles and added some fancy ribbon as place keepers.

But what good is a Grimoire without a little decomposed MUMMY powder? For how to UPCYCLE your old jars click HERE.

I had a lot of fun coming up with these ideas, but I also wanted to give her some functional things. When Chad and I were first married we got a pair of stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons. They are my favorite and have lasted over the years. I thought I could find her a pair and tie them in pretty easily.

And because I love a good painted spoon, I decided to include one of those too. Click HERE for the tutorial on painted spoons.

Last, but not least, I included one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks. You can find the free elli blog printable by clicking Here.

Hope you have a very SPOOKY "first" halloween!

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