Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Saturday - Painted Towels and Wooden Spoons

I wish I had pictures of all the lovely spoons and towels that people made this Saturday. It was so fun to see all the different color combinations and styles!

If you are creating both towels and spoons I recommend that you start with your spoons and alternate between them and your towels so that you will have something to do during the drying processes.

Wooden Spoon
Sand Paper
Acrylic Paint (The cheap kind you find at Walmart in little bottles for about 50 cents works perfectly!)
A cup big enough to tip your spoon upside down into while drying

Spoon How To:

Tape off the top portion of the spoon leaving an inch or two between the spoon and the handle.
Lightly sand the handle of your spoon removing excess dust with a quick rinse and dry when finished.
Paint a thin coat on the handle and let it dry until dry to the touch, about 15 min.
Repeat two more times.
Let it sit for 24 hours.
Wash in your dish washer on the heated dry cycle to set the paint.

If you want to create a varigated color look, simply start with the darkest color first and be ready to add plenty of white or cream.

Towel How To:


Acrylic Paint (The cheap kind you find at Walmart in little bottles for about 50 cents works perfectly!)

Pre-wash and iron the towel so that the paint will better adhere (DONE!)
Create an interesting pattern for your towel by taping along the borders. You may wish to tape a few lines off, criss cross them, or just free hand.
Paint a light coat inside the tape lines. The voids where the tape is will be white like the towel. Use one color or a variety of colors.
Let your towel dry for 15 min.
Add another light coat.
Remove tape and let sit for 2 days.
Wash to soften the paint lines.
Iron for a crisp finish.

This is a picture from a blog how to I found that was really helpful. To visit click here.

I didn't find any linen towels so we ended up using Flower Sack towels found at Kmart & Target, But if I were making these for a loved one I would definitely buy some linen and fashion my own hand towels. I think they would make a great Christmas present!

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