Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Saturday - Pop Up Ornament

This was also one of my favorite crafts that we did for our Super Saturday. It is basically a little pop out picture book that can either be hung on the tree like an ornament or set on the coffee table for people to look at. I thought it would be really fun to do one each year and fill them with the most recent pictures of the kids. I imagine that it would be a lot of fun in 20 years or so to look back on all the years, or better yet let the grandkids look at pictures of their parents growing up when they come for a Christmas visit.

Here's what they look like when they are open. This is an example with only 2 pages of pop ups. My favorite is a 3 page pop up, but really you can do as many or as little as you want. Pictures can be put on both the front and back of the book!

Ornament Directions:

2 pieces of stiff card board cut to 3X3 squares
2 pieces of decorative scrapbooking paper cut to 4X4 squares
2 or more pieces of cardstock cut to 5 3/4 inch squares
1 Piece of ribbon cut to 2/3 of a yard or 24 inches
1 piece of narrow ribbon cut to 6 inches
1 6 inch piece of hemp or baker's twine
1 tag
1 small crystal embelishment
glue stick (Elmer's Glue All is the best)
wet glue  (I really just like Elmer's)

1. Glue 1 square piece of cardboard centered over wrong side of decorative paper using glue stick.
2. Clip corners leaving an 1/8 in between the corner of the cardboard and your diagonal clip.
3. Fold opposite edges of decorative paper over and glue down using wet glue.
4. Fold and glue remaining edges.
5. Repeat for 2nd set of decorative paper and cardboard.

6. Fold small piece of ribbon in half to create ornament tab. Glue ends together.
7. Glue ornament tab to the inside of one of your finished covers to create the back cover.
8. Fold one of the large square pieces of paper in half.
9. Open up the same piece of paper and fold in half the other way.
10. Open up the same piece of paper once more, turn it over, and add one diagonal fold.

11. Repeat steps 8 through 10 for the other square piece of paper.
12.  Fold each of the square pieces of paper into a small square by pinching in the diagonal folds.

13. Chain the two small pop up squares together by slipping one of the small squares into the other small square and gluing. Test to make sure it will open correctly before using the glue.

14. Glue the pop-out squares you have created to both the front and back covers of your ornament, making sure you add a little glue on the other side of the ornament tab.

15. Now is the time to add your 2 5/8 in pictures. You can glue them to both the front and the back of your ornament’s pages. Some of them will remain square, while others will need to be folded diagonally. It is helpful to place each picture before gluing and folding to make sure that they will be oriented in the direction you want them to face.
 16. Let your ornament sit open for a while so that you don’t accidentally glue your ornament shut.
 17. After Your ornament has finished drying close it up and tie a ribbon around the center in a bow.
 18. Bedazzle the letter i in Christmas for the Merry Merry Christmas tag.

 19. Connect your Merry Merry Christmas tag using the small piece of hemp and tie a knot.
 20. Voila! You are finished!

Here are just two of the other cute patterns we used.

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