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Mock Disaster

 The next activity we will be having to prepare for camp and get some certification done ahead of time is going to be a mock disaster. By the time the evening is over the girls should be completely certified in their First Aid requirements. We will use some volunteers from our ward to help participate as disaster victims with specific ailments. We will have teams of girls who are prepared ahead of time and will be responsible for recognizing their victim and teaching the other girls what to do. We will then let the girls team teach each other in partnerships to meet the requirements. I'm really looking forward to this activity, I think it's going to be a whole lot of fun!

Here's a picture of an invitation I made to give to the YW before hand. On the back side is the date and time. I found this free printable HERE.

 The Story

While at Girls Camp a plane and it’s wreckage has crashed into the campsite leaving some victims in need of immediate medical attention.

Nurse on the Scene: (1 requirement) The nurse on the scene is uninjured and is there to help guide the girls give first aid. She can’t possibly attend to all the victims at once and decides that since she knows these girls have all been well trained and certified in emergency first aid she is going to give them just a quick reminder about how to prioritize and treat the victims of this freak accident before she rushes off to help as many people as she can.

Requirement: Explain the purpose of first aid, and learn the first four steps to take when treating accident victims. Pg. 34-35 in the manual:

Victim 1: (2 requirements): this victim was enjoying some of her ridiculously delicious camp food when some of the plane wreckage hit her on the back. She is lucky because she has no external injuries, but the surprise and the force of the falling wreckage caused her to swallow too much food at once. It has become lodged in her throat and she can no longer breath. She is making the universal sign for choking and needs immediate help! After she has been helped she is feeling very weak and shaky but it is not safe to stay where she is. She needs to be moved, but does not feel like she can walk on her own. Method 1 (Walking Assist) for transporting a victim must be used.

Requirement: Demonstrate how to perform the Heimlich maneuver to help a person who is choking. Pg. 36 in the manual:
Requirement: Learn and demonstrate four methods for transporting someone who is injured.

Victim 2: (4 requirements) A plane has crashed down and some of the broken debris has struck her on its way down. She has a compound fracture on her forearm that is bleeding profusely. She is most unlucky, She is lying on the ground, with part of the wreckage dangling above her threatening to come crashing down at any moment. One of the YW comes to help keep the wreckage from falling on this victim but is getting very tired. She cannot wait for emergency responders to come and help, but she must first be splinted so she can be moved so that further damage does not occur to her arm. Just after being splinted she goes into shock and passes out. Method 4 (makeshift stretcher) must be used to transport this victim to safer grounds.

Requirement: Demonstrate how to give first aid for excessive bleeding. Pg. 36 in the manual:
Requirement: Learn how to fold a cravat bandage and demonstrate the uses of the bandage. Pg. 43 in the manual.
Requirement: Demonstrate how to treat someone who has fainted or is in shock. Pg. 37-38 in the manual.
Requirement: Describe the signs of a broken bone. Demonstrate first-aid procedures for handling broken bones. Pg. 40-41 in the manual.

Victim 3: (1 requirement) Meanwhile, just before the plane crashed this victim saw some fascinating mushrooms that she thought she could cook up into a great meal. What she didn’t realize is that the mushrooms were in fact poisonous!

Requirement: Demonstrate how to give first aid for poisoning. Pg. 37 in the manual

Victim 4: (3 requirements) This victim woke up this morning and participated in the morning Yoga class. She has kept busy and had been having so much fun at camp that she forgot to make sure she was drinking enough water. After running around trying to help crash victims in the heat of the day she is now suffering from heat exhaustion which is turning into heat stroke! She has to be moved using (Method 2) the two person carry. She quits breathing and requires some rescue breathing.

Requirement: Demonstrate how to give first aid for heat exhaustion and heat stroke or for hypothermia and frostbite, depending on local circumstances.
Requirement: Learn and demonstrate four methods for transporting someone who is injured.
Requirement: Demonstrate how to give rescue breathing. Pg. 35 in the manual. 

Victim 5: (2 requirements) This victim is a very unlucky sort of fellow and is having a very bad day. He was on the airplane when it crashed and miraculously survived without a scratch, but has managed to get bitten by a strange little bug. In his hurry to evade any further attacks from said strange little bug he trips on a rock landing into the campfire where he acquires 2nd degree burns to his fingertips resulting in blisters. His condition soon goes from bad to worse. He is apparently very allergic to the strange little bug and has gone into anaphylactic shock with a resulting cardiac arrest. He is in need of CPR.

Requirement: Show how to give emergency first aid for insect bites or stings, burns and blisters. Pg. 41-42 and Pg. 38
Requirement: Demonstrate how to give cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR. Pg. 35 in the manual.

Victims 6, 7, and 8: All three of these victims were attempting to show the girls how to create a human pyramid when part of the wreckage from the plane came crashing down on them sending them tumbling down onto each other. They are all suffering from different types of broken bones:

Victim 6 has both a lower leg fracture and a thigh fracture. Victim 7 has both a Collarbone and a shoulder fracture. Victim 8 has a Wrist Fracture, but is feeling faint. She can be moved using Method 3 (the Four Handed Seat Carry)

Requirement: Describe the signs of a broken bone. Demonstrate first-aid procedures for handling broken bones. Pg. 40-41 in the manual.
Requirement: Learn and demonstrate four methods for transporting someone who is injured.

Thanks to our fantastic Fake Wound Artist!

Here are some of our wonderful volunteers and their injuries!

To learn how to create a realistic compound fracture click here.

To learn how to make a realistic bruise click here.

To learn how to make realistic burn blisters click here.

Pretty gruesome huh?
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