Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let's Go to the Hop!

I found this cute little idea at The Hostess With The Mostest Blog

Here's my littlest's bunny tails and bunny teeth!

I thought these would be fun for the little kids to use while doing an egg relay race. We'll give them some story about how hard the Easter Bunny and his helpers have to work. It's a simple project that only takes a few moments.


12-14 cotton balls
A hot glue gun
Just a little over a yard of twine

1. To get started group a bunch of cotton balls in your hand in the shape of a circle in a single layer so that none of the cotton balls are covered up. Carefully run the glue around touching the tops of each of the cotton balls.

2. Close your hand up smooshing the cotton balls into the shape of a round ball. Be Brave, but don't burn yourself!

3. Put a whole bunch of glue on top of your wad and center your twine over it. Add a little more glue.

4. Gather 3-4 more cotton balls in your hand and center them over the wad of glue.

5. Shape your bunny tail by cupping it into both of your hands.

6. Make as many as you like!

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