Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You Suck!

This was the leftovers after making flower suckers as valentines this year. For the kids we tied either a tag that said "I'm a sucker for you", "without YOU my life would SUCK", or "From ...." per each child's tastes. My teenager loved the YOU SUCK idea, but the others were afraid people would get offended. We also gave "bouquets" to their teachers in spice jars filled with the pink, orange, and White conversation hearts. It was a lot of fun!

What you will need:

Suckers (I found the heart shaped suckers at Walmart 8/$1, but you can easily use any lolly pop
mini cupcake liners
2-3 different colors of large cupcake liners
A hot glue gun.

This is how I did it.

1. Start with the smallest cupcake liner. Poke a hole through it in the center with your sucker and push to just under the top of your lolly pop. Scrunch just a bit to make a ruffled look.
2. Add a small dot of glue to keep in place.
3. Follow with 2-3 more of the largest cupcake liners scrunching and adding drops of glue after each layer.
4. Voila! You are finished.

Just a couple of tips:

1. Using a variety of colors and patterns adds interest, but I do like to keep my "Bouquets" in the same color family. Can you see the polka dots?

2. Start with the lightest color on the inside and gradually go darker as you go or just the opposite!

3. You can also flip the liners inside out to create a different look. The two front flowers are identical except the liners have been flipped making one appear lighter and the other darker.

Hope you ENJOY!
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