Sunday, October 27, 2013

Super Saturday - Dino Hoodie

One of my very favorite projects for Super Saturday was the dino hoodie project! We used all kinds of fleece and all different colors of hoodies. It was so fun to see how they all turned out!

fleece (I bought 4 inches of 3 different patterns of fleece) 
sewing machine
triangle template (I made a triangle template with a 3 inch base and a 3 inch height) with a fold line marked at the base of the template
ironing board
Quilting ruler

How To:
1. Cut fleece strips into 3 inch strips using your quilting ruler.
2. Cut strips into 3 by 6 inch rectangles.
3. Take a rectangle piece of fleece and fold it in half so that you now have a 3 in square.
4. Using the triangle template trim your rectangle into a folded triangle. When you open it up it should be in the shape of a diamond. Make sure to place the fold line on the template on the fold of your fleece. Repeat for all pieces of fleece.
5. Iron a fold line down the center of the hoodie. The hood already has a center seam.
6. Pin the diamond pieces in a continuous line to the center seam of the hoodie so that the short ends of the diamond are running along the center seam.
7. Stitch along the center seam over the diamonds from the top of the hood to the bottom of the hoodie.
8. Close up the diamonds so that they create triangle spikes by top stitching them closed.
9. Clip threads and you are done!

You can also experiment with the size of spikes you create. Larger spikes tend to flop around from side to side and are very cute. The shorter spikes tend to stick straight up and are a different kind of fun. For the most part though I tend to like a triangle that is based off a square. So for example: when creating my triangle template I start with a 4 inch square (or 3 inch square...etc). The bottom of the square will be the bottom of your triangle. Mark the center at the top of the square, so at the 2 inch mark. Use a ruler to connect the bottom corners to the center on the top of your square and trim edges to form a triangle.

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