Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's A Spoon Party?

This week for our class activity we had a "Spoon Party". This was really just a lot of fun! It definitely went better than I had hoped. The day of I taped a reminder invite spoon to the girls doors that just said It's a Spoon Party, but don't forget to bring a Spoon! I didn't give them any other information except the time and place. I have never had so many calls / texts from the girls wanting to know what we were going to be doing. That was Great and we had 100% attendance! The idea was that they would come and be spiritually fed, but for sure we couldn't go without doing some of the other kind of feeding too! We started out by reading a 2006 conference talk by Elaine S. Dalton. In it she mentioned a group of youth who had adopted the motto "I Can Do Hard Things!" We gave the girls a hand out with that written at the top and had a short discussion of some of the "hard things" we face in life. Each girl made her own list and then I wasn't planning on the girls sharing their lists, but some of them wanted to. Most of them did. I started out by telling the girls we were going to work first then play. Although I think the girls really enjoyed the little discussion we had about the "hard things" more than I had anticipated. After that we played "spoons" and ate ice cream and brownies. The girls really got into the game! The talk we read also helped them with one of their faith experiences for Personal Progress!

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