Thursday, October 4, 2012

Angry Birds Combined Activity

This week we are doing a life sized Angry Birds Game! I'm super excited, and super nervous that it's going to be a flop! This is an activity that the Beehives and the deacons are working on together so the deacons are working on the life size sling shot and the beehives are building boxes and and painting balloons and balls. Just to keep it real we will have a guest visitor who is expert at crafting terrific analogies compare the game to real life for just about 5 min.

So basically we're going to divide the youth into two groups and then let the youth plan out and build their own Angry Birds contraptions. We'll let them assign points to their "pigs" and place them strategically. Each team will have a chance to break down the other teams buildings in an attempt to get at the pigs. I bought about 25 boxes, 2 dodge balls (Birds), and 48 green balloons (pigs). I think I will also make an attempt at green pig cupcakes ;) We'll see how it all works out!

Actual pictures to follow, but this is basically my inspiration!

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