Sunday, December 2, 2012

Get Your Santa On!

This month for a service project the YW decided to do a service activity for the ward by offering free babysitting for families. The idea was that people could have a couple of hours to do their Christmas shopping, but really people could use the time for whatever they needed most. I've heard from a few couples who used the time to get to the temple. We really had a whole lot of fun! We used the church and split the kids into two groups. We tried mostly to separate by age, but there were a few siblings who chose to stick together. We had several stations that we rotated the kids through and let the girls be in charge of the activities. We started out by singing some of the fun primary activity songs like snow man and hinges while we waited for most of the kids to arrive. Some of the stations included simple games like duck duck goose, and red light green light for the younger kids. We also had a parachute at one of the stations. We had a story telling station, and games like frog detective for the older kids. After we rotated through the stations we had milk and cookies and watched some scripture videos while we waited for parents to pick their kids up. I really enjoyed this activity, and actually I think the YW did as well! Although I have to comment that only 4 families signed up for a total of 12 kids. MUCH MUCH MUCH more than that showed up ;)

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