Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bubblegum Ball Bead Necklaces.

This is my adorable 6 year old Livy, you just gotta love that smile! My sister sells these incredible bubblegum ball necklaces through her Etsy shop EyeCandyonEtsy. The flowers are detachable. I just love them! I want one to match each of her outfits! They come in a range of prices and colors.

Here is another one that I fell in love with!

Here's a quick snap we took before school this morning! She loves the rainbow colors, but not too fond of the sun in her eyes. 

She just added a bunch of faux pearl necklaces. These are my new favorites! They come in all kinds of colors.

And another one in her favorite color, PURPLE!

I love this coral cutie! Livy however is not too thrilled about taking another pic!

Click here to visit her Etsy shop EyeCandyonEtsy

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