Monday, June 27, 2016

Build an Ark

I'm having so much fun being the music leader for primary despite my obvious lack of talent in singing :-). I have fun with the kids and truly believe primary is where it is at! This last week we started learning Build an Ark found at It's such a beautiful song and this was such a fun way to learn it. I started out by writing the words to the song in segments in rainbow colors on strips of paper. I also drew a few pics to help the kids who weren't quite reading. We talked about Noah's story and Heavenly Father's rainbow promise. We listened to the music and learned the words segment by segment. After we'd gone all the way through the song once (This is the fun part!) I used pick sticks to have a child come up and mix my "magic potion" to see what would happen. It was fun to see what the kids thought would happen. A few guessed explosives :-). When they mixed the spoons into the water a color would magically appear after a few seconds and we would take all of the segments written in that color off the board and try to sing the song without those words. It was super easy and super fun!

My printer happens to not be working otherwise I totally would have just printed things off. 
I totally just copied images I saw online.

To make the "magic potion" simply place two drops of food coloring on a spoon and then put a pile of baking soda on top of the drops of food coloring completely hiding the color. Have 6 clear cups of water ready and 6 spoons tipped with different colors and baking soda. When the child comes up to mix in the spoon a color will "magically" appear and those words disappear!

Hope you enjoy!

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