Monday, March 31, 2014

Bunny Fun

I saw this cute little Easter Bunny Pouch and had to recreate a few for myself. I'm just in love with them! Here is a link for a free printable template. You're going to love this project, I know I did!

Here's what you need:

1 piece of felt
2 colors of embroidery floss
1 scrap of fabric for inside of bunny ears
Candy to fill
Ribbon to tie bunny closed
Bunny Template

1. Start by printing your bunny template and cut it out.
2. Fold your felt in half and place the template on top. Cut out 2 bunny pieces out of felt.

3. Embroider the top bunny piece with eyes and a nose.
4. Cut ears out of scraps of colored fabric making them just slightly smaller than the ears on the template. Top stitch colored ears onto the felt.
5. Stitch the two layers of bunnies together leaving an opening in between the ears to fit candy in.

6. Fill with candy and tie a bow around the top.

7. Enjoy! :)

These will be great for all the little ones at our little Easter gathering!

I also created this easy peasy marshmallow treat bag

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