Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ordering Your Bees

I live in Utah close to SLC so rather than ordering my bees online I decided to get them from a local company so that I could go and pick them up. I also purchased my beekeeping supplies so that I could pump the owner for any information about beekeeping she was willing to give :) She was great about explaining and demonstrating exactly what to do with my bees once I got them home and how to assemble my hive. She also gave me lots of other useful info and demonstrations! The name of her shop is Jones Bee Co. located at 2586 West 500 South in SLC, Utah. At Jones Bee Co you can either order the Carnelian-Cross or the Italians. She recommends that 1st years order Italians because they don't need a lot of supplementation where as the Carnelian-Cross does.

Here are just a few online sources:

B & B Honey Farm
Draper's Super Bee Apiaries, Inc
BeeWeaver Apiaries

Helpful Links:
The Bees Knees
What You Need To Get Started

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