Monday, November 23, 2015

Dollar Store Sock Snowmen

These Dollar Store Sock Snowmen are so much fun to make and the kids love them! Use them as decorations or as christmas giveaways.

Here's what you need:
White socks from the dollar store ( I used the kids sizes, the adult sizes hold much more rice )
Rice (1 1/4 cup of rice for the smallest kid size 4-6 1/2, 2 cups for the next size up, 6-8 1/2.
White twine
Matching buttons
Fleece (for this you can either just buy scraps of fleece or use fleece scarves from the Dollar Store)
Patterned socks from the dollar store to use as hats
pins for the eyes and noses (blues, oranges, pinks)

Cut your socks like this.

Use the toe part of the sock to form the hat by rolling it over 2 times.

Nest inside out the rest of your sock and tie a knot with twine at the end.

Right side it out and stuff it with rice.

After you have filled it with rice use the twine again to tie off the top. Then use another piece of twine to separate the body of the snowman from its head.

Finish by adding the hat, buttons, pin eyes, and a fleece scarf.

This would totally make a cute gift to give for a family night! Here's one of the kits I created.

Hope you have fun! I sure did!

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