Monday, July 20, 2015

How to propagate Sweet Potato Vine

Propagating Sweet Potato Vine is the easiest thing on earth an it only takes a few days! All you will need is your sweet potato vine, a pair of scissors, and a glass of water. Take about a 4 inch cutting of sweet potato vine. If you have a really long strip of sweet potato vine you can cut it into segments and each segment will grow a new plant. Just make sure you keep track of which end is up :-)

After you have cut a 4 inch strip,  pull all of the leaves off except for the very top leaf. Place the segment leaf up in a jar of water. After a few days you will start to see roots. When the roots are about an inch to an inch and a half you can plant them and watch your new plant grow! I let my cup of vine segments sit under a covered porch so they get plenty of indirect sunlight. 

After you have pulled the leaves off you will see little leaf nodes, this is where the new roots will grow from.

You can even do a whole bunch at once. These are black and lime green varieties of sweet potato vine.

You will want to water your new plants generously the first couple of days especially if they are in a sunny spot because their root system is so small to start.

I'll post pictures once they have grown out a little.

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