Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mermaids, Pirates, and Baptisms

My little Olivia turned 8 recently and got baptized. One of my good friends did her baptism pictures. She is an amazing photographer! If you want to check her out here is a link to her website!

Here are a few of my very favorites! (I should add that Olivia is extremely difficult to photograph! Megan did an amazing job!) She also did color, but I'm a sucker for black and whites!

This one is absolutely beautiful in color! I want to order a canvas of this one!

And now for the Mermaid Party! Although my iPhone pics look TERRIBLE after this lot!

We had tons of fun! It was mostly family, but we did invite a few of the neighborhood kids. We had a Treasure Hunt, and made these cute mermaid necklaces and starfish hair clips.

The clam cupcakes  were made using vanilla wafers, a bit of turquoise icing and some sugar pearls. They were so super easy!

My older son also helped me fashion a few wooden swords for the boys and I picked up a few eye patches at Walmart. Mostly the kids just had fun hanging out and jumping on the tramp.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Olivia! Mommy loves you!

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