Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Journey Back in Time

Just after we got back from Trek

This week for Singing time I decided to focus on our pioneer heritage in honor of Pioneer Day. There was a gentleman by the name of Brigham Henry Roberts (10 Yrs old) who traveled with his sister Mary (16 yrs old) without his parents from England to the U.S. and then joined the saints in Nebraska and traveled to and settled in Bountiful, Utah. His stories can be found in a book called I walked to Utah. I paired each of his stories with a song for the kids to sing. It will take about two weeks to finish this activity which is perfect! Here is a link to his History. Read through it, it is quite entertaining. I used pick sticks to call a child up and answer a question about our pioneer history before I shared one of his stories and we sang the corresponding song.

Question 1: What were some of the trials the pioneers had to face? (I'm looking for being COLD)
Story 1: Using his sister's petticoat as a night covering
Song 1: Pg. 74 I Feel my Savior's Love "His Spirit warms my soul"

Question 2: Did the Pioneer Children have rules they had to follow? (Stay with the group)
Story 2: River crossing and having to be fetched out of the river by the captain
Song 2: Pg. 236 Give Said The Little Stream

River Crossing

Question 3: How did the pioneers get their things to Utah? (Wagons, 17 lbs of personal items per person, we compared it to our primary president's baby, but you could easily bring in a back pack etc.
Story 3: Sleeps in a barrel of molasses on the wagon instead of walking all night
Song 3: Pg. 219 Here Comes the Ox Cart

Question 4: Did everyone make it to Utah? (6,000 of about 60,000-70,000 died along the way)
Story 4: His baby brother's grave sight/ Captain uses his bread box
Song 4: Junior Primary Pg. 60 Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam, Senior Primary Pg. 44 Mary's Lullaby

The Second Rescue Memorial

Question 5: Besides the elements, lack of food, and fatigue can you think of one more trial the saints faced along the way? (Indians)
Story 5: Meets an Indian/Stampede
Song 5: Pg. 118 Book of Mormon Stories

Question 6: About how long do you think it took for the saints to cross the plains? (3 Mo)
Story 6: Coming to zion/meeting his mother
Song 6: I am a child of God
I especially liked his comment, "There was one thing remembered in this reunion, and that was on my part. I felt that I had arrived, that I belonged to somebody, that somebody had an interest in me, and these were the thoughts that were in my mind as I sat in the wagon on the drive home to Bountiful.

I hope you will search out his stories, I found them both moving and entertaining!

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