Saturday, July 23, 2016

Penelope lays an egg!

It's definitely and interesting first egg! I'm anxious to see if her future eggs will have as much texture and speckling? I'm guessing yes on the speckling, but no on the weird texture. I've been wondering why people say first eggs are weird. My other first eggs have been beautiful. I totally get it now. This one's definitely on the weird side, but is it? Or will this be Penelope's normal?

I've been trying to stay near the chickens the last couple of days so that I can keep track of who is laying and which type of eggs they are laying so that when they all get into the swing of things I can tell if there is a problem and who's problem it is. It hasn't been too hard because I have a ton of work to do still on the shed portion of the coop. I sat and watched Penelope ( She is one of my other Ameraucanas. She is a white/wheaten.) for about an hour try and lay her egg. I got it on video, but I'm having a hard time uploading it, so I'll post it later. Here is a photo for now :-) I had no idea it was such hard work!

OK, here's the video, just click here

Good job Penelope!

So here is a pic of Penelope's second egg next to her first, there was quite a difference.

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