Friday, June 6, 2014

Secret Sister Mailboxes

I had so much fun creating these tin can secret sister mailboxes. I think they are just large enough for most gifts. They were super easy to make, but oh so cute!


Making these mailboxes is super simple and a whole lot of fun. I started with an empty, clean, 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes. I figured this size of can would be just slightly better (roomier) than the regular sized cans.

What you will need:

A powerful double sided sticky tape
Hemp, ribbon, or twine to use as a handle
Drill and small bit
Empty can
Coordinating scrapbook paper
Coordinating ribbons and embellishments etc. (For a quick tutorial on how to make the origami dress click here.

1. Measure the distance between the top and bottom rims of your can to figure out how wide you need to cut your paper. Then measure all the way around to find your length. Cut paper to fit.

2. Using a bit of double sided sticky tape adhere paper to can. (Notice that the 12 by 12 paper does not go all the way around. I decided that I would rather have the slightly roomier can than have the paper go all the way around.)

3. Drill holes through the paper and the can on either side of your can about 3/8 of an inch down from the top using an 1/8 of an inch drill bit.

4. Thread your hemp or twine through the holes from the inside of the can to the outside of the can. Tie knots at either end to keep the twine in place.

 5. Embellish away!

We ended up stuffing each mailbox with a letter from all of the YW leaders, a chapstick which really came in handy for a few of the girls, and a pair of giraffe sox.

Hope you enjoy!

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