Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trek Flags at Martin's Cove

When you trek at Martin's Cove they ask you to bring a flag. Each cart will have one so that they can be identified, although they provide one for the lead cart. It's kind of a fun tradition. We ended up playing actual capture the flag with ours :-). Here's my fam!

We stopped and ate lunch at Independence Rock on our way to Martin's Cove. There we ate lunch, gave the kids our family assignments, and decorated flags. The kids added there names and what it meant to them to be True to the Faith with sharpies. I love these kids!

Here's a few more pics.

I appliqu├ęd letters to the front of the flag and used a quilted pinwheel on the back just for fun.

Our awesome Trek directors did a short devotional, explained the theme for our trek, and handed out goody bags full of journals, pens, lipgloss, water bottles with carabiners and bracelets. Chad and I were lucky enough to be Ma and Pas.

How awesome is she to come up with all these great goodies!

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