Sunday, August 9, 2015

Twinners are Winners at Trek

Madelaine and I made our Trek clothes. For the most part we had completely different skirts and dresses, but we both loved one pattern and decided to both make a skirt out of it. It was about 6:15 when we hopped in the car to go and my sweet Madelaine calls out Twinners are Winners at Trek:-) What a funny girl!

Chad snapped this picture before we left.

Here's cutie Maddie.

Chad and I at the end of the week after trek at Grandma's picking the kids up.

I used the same pattern for all of my skirts. It was Simplicity 5006. FYI, The sizing is different, so I had to go up a couple of sizes based on my measurements. I also preferred the waistband shortened about an inch and a half. The blue skirt is the original pattern, the cream and coral skirt used the reduced width waste band. The skirt was a bit long for some of the steeper hills, so I just tied it in a knot at the bottom for a few moments. Martin's Cove is mostly flat for the most part.

Just a few more pics

Harrison is in the green hanky, suspenders and a gray check shirt. Handsome boy!

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