Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trek Games

One of my favorite parts about Trek was the games we played during our down time. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and let loose a little!


This game requires one more boy than there are girls. Although we just subbed a girl in as a guy. Every boy stands behind a girl sitting down except for there is one empty spot in front of one of the guys. The purpose of the game is for the guy with the empty spot to try and wink at a girl and get her over to his spot. If the girl makes it over successfully then the old guy is now the new winker. The guys are supposed to pay attention and keep their girls in their chairs by holding their shoulder's down if they try to get up and cross over. We also let the girls switch places with the guys which was real fun.

We also played some good old fashioned tarp jumping :-)

For the lack of a better name we also played The Bucket Game

In this game you stack buckets 3 high.

Everyone holds hands around the buckets. The object is to try and force someone into the buckets. The rules are if you touch a bucket you are out, if you let go of hands, you and the person who is holding your hand is out. You play until there is only one player left.

It soon became clear that the boys and girls needed to have their own set of buckets :-)

Our directors brought Pioneer Minute to Win It games.

Paper bag pick up at different heights for different point amounts

A Bean Bag Toss

The Clothes Pin Drop

Ring Toss

Bean Bag Flip and Catch

Bucket Archery

We also played fruit basket, capture the flag, and a good game of Mafia.

So Much FUN!

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