Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dutch Oven Corn Bread

With all the commotion for this activity I just wanted to go simple with the corn bread. I bought Jiffy mix corn bread for about 50 cents and had the girls use two boxes per dutch oven.

The first step was building a charcoal pyramid.

They have to burn like this for 20 min before they are ready to cook with. So the YCLs showed up a little early and got started on that right away. We used a little tin foil to protect the concrete from being scorched.  We used about 44 charcoals for each dutch oven. I also opted to buy the kind that don't require starter fluid.

After they heated up for 20 min we spread them out and put half of the charcoals on top of the dutch oven lids and the other half under the pots.

 Best tip ever: The girls mixed the batter up in bowls and then put them in the disposable pans to bake inside the dutch ovens to make clean up super easy! I love it! No scrubbing dutch ovens!

We let it bake for 28 min, but I think we could have stopped at 22 min.  Et Voila!

Job well done girls!

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