Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm A Copy Cat!

 I saw this cute wooden pallet wall art on pinterest (click here for the link) and had to make one of my own. It was a super easy and quick project, and we just happened to have a little scrap wood, so the only expense was just a little over a dollar in paint. I do wish mine was a little more 3D like the original. I didn't do a whole lot to the wood except wash it off a little, then I free handed the "hello" in pencil and filled it in with a cherry red acrylic paint. I used a bit of a clear coat to seal it and called it good. It's so cheery to look at, it just makes me smile :). Here's how mine turned out!

Here's a close up, but it's before the 2nd coat of paint.

I was trying to match the hot coral in my begonias and geraniums.

This isn't the prettiest picture at all, but here's what I did with it for Christmas

Here's another fun one, maybe for the back porch? She has a brief tutorial too if you are interested, just click here.

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