Sunday, May 25, 2014

Making Your Own Onesie Cardigan

I love this Project! 
I made my first onesie cardigan this last week, but it will definitely not be my last one! I researched a couple of different methods, but this one made the most sense to me, and I like the final outcome best. No need to be intimidated by this project like I was. I thought it was going to be such a pain, but it really wasn't at all!


1 long sleeved onesie
Double folded bias tape or ribbing (I made my own, so I could have that cute orange pattern). For a good tutorial click here
matching thread

1. Start by pinning the top shoulder flaps down and stitch along the curve holding the two layers together. 

2. Mark your center line next. I found it easiest to iron a crease down the center fold.

3. Cut a V Shape out of the neckline. To do this fold the front layer in halve and cut at a diagonal to the center fold starting near the shoulder seams and ending at the center fold line.

4. Make a small slit from the bottom of the V to 3/4 of an inch down.

5. Start by opening your bias tape up to the single fold and pinning it to the raw edges of your onsie starting at the bottom of the V. Line up the bias tape so that the raw edge of the onsie is just under the inside of the center fold line of your bias tape. Don't worry about the slit for now, you will catch that at the end.

6. When you come back' round to the bottom of the V slide the bias tape through the slit to help cover up all your raw edges. Positioning it so that you can cover up the beginning of the bias tape.

7. Sew around the bottom edge of your bias tape (the edge under the onesie) positioning the foot of your sewing machine so that the stitch line is as close to the bottom edge of the bias tape as possible without risking slipping off the tape. Sew from the bottom of the V through the onesie and the bias tape back all away around to the other side of the bottom of the V. Do not sew down the slit.

8. fold down your bias tape covering all of your raw edges and pin in place starting from the bottom of the V and going all the way down the center fold to the center snap. Trim and tuck the ends of your bias tape  in so that there are no raw edges and it ends just above the center snap so that when you snap the onesie closed it covers up the end of your bias tape.

9. Stitch along the outside edge first from the bottom of the V to just above the center snap, Then along the inside edge from the bottom of the V to just above the center snap.

10. Mark where you will want to sew your buttons on making sure they are evenly spaced and attach them with a needle and thread. 

I think it looks super cute layered with a bow tie onesie! How Sweet! For a quick tutorial on bow tie onesies click here

For burp cloths click here.

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