Monday, May 5, 2014

Thanks For Helping Me Bloom!

This Week is Teacher Appreciation. I've been dying to try these flower pencils made out of cupcake liners. It was a whole lot of fun.


3 cupcake liners the color of a flower
1 green cupcake liner
1 matching patterned pencil
Hot glue and glue gun
1 tag that says "Thanks for helping me bloom!

1. Cut your petals by folding your liner into half, then into fourths, and finally into eighths. Trim the upper edge into the shape of a petal. Unfold your petals and layer them alternating colors and insiding them out so that the pattern faces up.

 2. Now it's time to make your leaves. Fold your green liner into half, and then fourths. Trim the upper edge making the shape of a leaf.

3. Now add a ring of glue around your pencil and add one layer of petals at a time taking care to shape your flower until you have added your leaves.

4. Use a little string or twine and add a tag that says thanks for helping me bloom!

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

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